Welcome to Olivet Theory’s Bad Advice series where I, Mr. Theory, give you the worst advice imaginable on just about anything. I’ll cover topics surrounding your family life, parenting, romance, money management, faith, and social interactions. …

Someone Come Look At This…

If you know me well or if you’ve spent time on my blog, you’re aware that I spend a great deal of time dealing with and discussing reparations for black people in the Americas. …

Professor Wade Mullen, Ph.D., wrote a book on deciphering the veiled tactics abusers and abusive institutions use to maintain power and deceive victims into submission and silence. …

Someone needs to hear this: God is love and God loves you.

Some of you were taught otherwise and it shows. The myopic view of God as a spiteful, rage-filled deity has discouraged many from seeking God.

Many of us grew up in faith communities that spoke bounteously about God’s…

In Deep Roots, Avidit, Matthew, and Maya detail just how lasting racism can be in a nation’s institutional and societal formation and existence.

They pinpoint the fact that the counties in the Deep South with the highest number of black slaves in the 19th century are the same counties today…

Journal Entry

July 17, 2012, 1:59 AM

What am I to you, World, but a passing stranger? A vagabond hitchhiking through your darkest corridors, going about shining the light of my Master. What have I to offer you World? A corpse. That’s all. Have I brought gifts; absolutely. Invitations really, to the…

Un Pensamento em Andamento

How plagued we are by this broken duality.

Whole bodies, halved souls,

Wholly present but mentally absent.

Physically whole but spiritually halved.

Bodies made whole by parents

And later halved by parental separation.

Children wholly raised into adulthood

Only to be halved by an absent mother.

Wholly admonished by a…

Note: 408 days have passed since we left Mill Creek Christian Assembly. Our last day as members of that community was July 26, 2020, I first wrote this post on February 7, 2021, and I am publishing it today. …

Growing up in a Brazilian offshoot of the Assemblies of God taught me so much about the Bible, Biblical characters, faith, prayer, church community, developed in me a fervency for social reform, the temperance movement (anti-alcohol consumption), the holiness movement (high ethical standards and separation from what is deemed sacrilegious)…

Langston Hughes, 1902–1967

Christ is a nigger,
Beaten and black:
Oh, bare your back!

Mary is His mother:
Mammy of the South,
Silence your mouth.

God is His father:
White Master above,
Grant Him your love.

Most holy bastard
Of the bleeding mouth.

Olivet Theory

Husband | Girl Dad x4 | Dude | Dilettante | Blogger | Brazilian living in Canada. Life motto: Jesus said cool things.

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