Seven Years of Marriage! Here’s What I’ve Learned So Far

I’ve had the privilege of meeting, befriending, wooing, dating, and later being engaged to and finally marrying the love of my life.

Her name is Irma. No one knows how to pronounce her name, and honestly, the way she pronounces it is probably wrong too.

We met on social media, namely, Instagram, then Facebook, then Skype, and finally in person. She wasn’t a serial killer so I survived our initial meet and the second time we met up I asked her to marry me. We met in February of 2014, got engaged in June, were married in court on September 29, and celebrated that marriage with friends and family on October 18 of the same year.

That was seven years ago!

We’ve lived in Florida, vacationed in Brazil, visited Toronto together, and now live in Edmonton, AB, Canada. Our first little girl was born in Naples, Florida, the next two in Edmonton, and the fourth is slated to be born here as well if we don’t just so happen to move to Japan in the next week or two.

My heart is full. Everything I dreamed of and wished for in a partner I can gladly celebrate in my wife. The humor, the chemistry, the beauty, the proactive maturity, the effort, and the awareness of all things.

She’s my friend, my best friend and I’m glad we’ve made it this far but it’s not far enough since I hope to spend the rest of my life with her before I end up on a Cold Case file somewhere.

Anywho… what can I share with you from seven years of marriage?

Through thick and thin, ups and downs, wealth and almost sure poverty, health and sickness, life and well, abundant life?

What can I impart to you, my dear friend?


Nothing that concerns you anyway.

My marriage is none of your business therefore you can go out there and marry the love of your life and you’ll realize that it’s more important to spend time with them than it is to write about it for others.

So go live your life. Enjoy the ice cream and wine. And by ice cream and wine I mean sex.

Enjoy it and thrive in it.


Happy Anniversary, my love. You are my waking dreams and when you don’t salt the rice well enough, you become my waking nightmare. But that’s okay. Love suffers all things. Especially unsalted rice.

I cherish you, I praise your wisdom and intellect, I value our conversations about ideas, concepts, systems, structures, peoples, theology, eschatology, soteriology, race, childrearing, and yes, 90 Day Fiancé on TLC.

Distance dating was our story but that seems like a distant memory now because I cannot imagine life without you now.

I could not have found a better friend, a better partner, a better wife, nor a fellow conspiracy to commit… well, you know what than I have found in you.

To ice cream and wine.

Your lover,

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed. — Proverbs 31:8 NLT

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Originally published at on October 18, 2021.



Husband | Girl Dad x4 | Dude | Dilettante | Blogger | Brazilian living in Canada. Life motto: Jesus said cool things.

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Jarrel Oliveira

Jarrel Oliveira

Husband | Girl Dad x4 | Dude | Dilettante | Blogger | Brazilian living in Canada. Life motto: Jesus said cool things.