“Why I Hate White People”

Jarrel Oliveira
14 min readJul 21, 2022


Great. Now that I have your attention I want to make it unmistakably clear that I do not hate white people. Hating anyone is destructive to one’s well-being.

I do, however, hold a bitter contempt for people who add pineapple to pizza. These people must have not been hugged enough as children so they now find comfort in the embrace of citrusy fruit baked over a perfectly delicious pizza. Strange people. Avoid them.

Now that the title of this post is out of the way let us move on.

Regarding “white hate” and similar socially destructive ideas that have permeated some circles, I must add, that to hate anyone is to hate oneself. One can hate traffic wait times the same way one hates an over-salted well done $120 wagyu steak. Hating the inanimate is possible but not always advisable. Hating people is always discouraged. Hate comes in all shapes and sizes and depending on the reservoir of that hate, we can see the blossoming of something good or the immolation and disintegration of something great.

A person who is often given into hate, whether that hate is directed toward animate beings or inanimate things is more a sign of that person’s debilitating character and inner workings than anything else. Hate can and will devastate everything and everyone in its wake. If you are normally given to this sentiment, please consider the time and peace you have lost over your willingness to hold on to something that can and eventually will lead to your emotional disintegration and psychological imprisonment.

Say no to hate, folks.

White Hate

There is a sentiment within non-white communities, not all, but a select few, where very progressive, liberal, or rather Neo-liberal communities where the shared memory that unites them is their disdain for a particular race, namely, the white race. In these circles, white people are derided, shamed in absentia, demonized in literature, dehumanized in open mic soirees, and if given the chance, divested of social influence.

They promote the idea that white people who are baptized into their cadre of moral signaling and virtue signaling circles must find it in themselves to hate the white race, silence white people, shut down white voices, and discredit all things white simply because of the history surrounding Whiteness for the last five hundred years of human history.

You can imagine how problematic this cultic environment is if you are a white individual who, upon entering it, in hopes of bettering the world by joining a racially diverse society, wants nothing more than to advance the ideals of a liberal democracy within a racially integrated community toward the goal of racial and gender equity but are in turn told to sit in the corner or the back of the room where once you voice your opinion, be it right or wrong, you are asked to remain silent for the rest of your stay because white voices have spoken for far too long and your opinions are invalid; your thoughts unneeded. All that is welcome is your idiotized and mute servile white body.

Your voice is not only dismissed but your race is seen as potentially hostile to the environment where you had hoped on finding refuge. You haven’t done anything wrong. You are not racist, at least to your general understanding of the term racist. But you can be perceived as a racist individual part of a systemic problem where you are, without question, the beneficiary of white culture. No matter how far removed you become from your immediate racist society, no matter how much you promote racially equitable ideals, and confront racist individuals and policies, you are, irredeemably imprisoned to the image of the white savior, white terror, and white enmity because in this cultic environment you are white and hated.

It is this environment that I am speaking about today. There is centralized white hate within it without cause. Now, by “without cause” I mean the wonderful white people who have not a single prejudiced bone in their body (brave of me, I know) and are willing to do the work and join arms in fighting racism but at the same time are seen as potential saboteurs because of their social class and pigmentation.

I am not referring to white individuals and white systems that are historically and concurrently racist. These people and structures must be condemned from top to bottom if we’re ever going to make our world a less racist and more racially equitable place.

If there ever were a situation where reverse racism was at play it is here, where whites are told to sit down, shut up, and listen, not because they don’t have anything wonderful, wise, and productive to say, they often do, but because they’re white and therefore subject to oppressive tactics as a way to get back at their ancestors, who may or may not have been direct participants or beneficiaries of the devilish racial caste system known as chattel slavery and its deformed afterbirth, Jim Crow.

Hate for white skin is nothing new. I can imagine the first time society became divided and stratified on the concept of race. People began to react negatively toward their oppressors.

I must add that disdain for darker skin was present before the classification of skin tones was even a thing. How does one identify race and then qualify or disqualify that race in society? One writer said that race is the child, not the father, of racism. Therefore, prejudice and discrimination against black and dark skin were present and evident long before Europeans, the Portuguese, initially, set off to the African coasts in search of the best possible “servile peoples” to help build their new empires in distant western colonies.

All in all, one can imagine the reciprocatory hatred tribal Africans must have felt for their white captors who threw them in chains, separated them from their families and homes, and later threw them into ships, by the hundreds, squeezed to the point of asphyxiation, to reach untilled shores to work from sun up to sun down until they died, and their children to follow suit, ad infinitum.

Some of you may be repulsed by the idea of whites alone being responsible for this horrible middle passage era because you might say Blacks were involved in selling their own people long before whites came asking for a stake in the slave trade. One must, with a healthy historical and contextual understanding of the time, capture the fact that the tribal slavery of antiquity was in most cases limited captivity, not always brutal, and focused on the aspect of financial betterment, not necessarily and singularly based on race. One was sold or captured as a slave but not dehumanized. Therefore, upon escape or emancipation, the Black slave would return to his tribe or join the current one as a member of that community.

European slavery sought to initially dehumanize people based on race, subjugate them to a servile class because of their race, profit from their enslavement, and ultimately create a slave class in perpetuity based on race alone. This level of inhumanity was unheard of until the rise of this concept of and racial classes, introduced by non-other than prominent greed and hate-filled white Europeans of antiquity, made its way onto our annals of time.

Therefore, we can imagine the hate and disdain enslaved Black people -who were dehumanized and then shipped to the Americas, (North, Central, and South) — had for white people, and this with cause. To love one’s captor is to be a victim of Stockholm syndrome. The person is merely trying to better the state of their captivity long enough to go without pain and suffering or long enough to escape. Outside of this, the person would never show compassion to men and women who spit on them, beat them, whip them, hang them, and collect the insurance on their dead bodies, for no other reason than the color of their skin.

Fast forward hundreds of years where we are removed from this racially hostile environment, there are still people who look upon white westerners as the exact representation and the reincarnation of their villainous white ancestors. There are people today who cannot look at white westerners without wanting to harm them, assault them, insult them, and disgrace them for no other reason than because they’re white.

This is wrong and evil. We are far removed from the environment I mentioned above, from the society I mentioned above, and from the tactics and systems I mentioned above, but there are still people who want to reciprocate harm done to their enslaved ancestors on the descendants of white slavers and white racists.

I speak often about the benefits and necessity of reparations and cultural remedies, but none of these ideas ever involve harm, be it physical or emotional harm to white westerners. The advancement of reparations, remedies, conciliation, and reconciliation involves cultural responsibility and a shift in the way we understand the formation of western history not only from the perspective of the victors but also of those who were conquered; and how that formation continues to shape us today. The return of stolen land, seized property, education denied, liberty robbed, voting rights refused, and life taken before its time, are all things we can work to reverse or prevent, together. None of these involve vigilantism or violence.

White hate without cause, namely, modern anti-white racism, is a nefarious evil we must extinguish from society as soon as humanly possible. The era of white hate is over and has been over, for decades now. Our generation cannot succumb to the same form of vacuous-minded prejudice and discrimination of yesteryear.

Reverse Racism

These cultic groups I mentioned above will go to lengths to dispel the possibility of reverse racism, namely, minorities exhibiting racist behaviors toward white people, because to them, racism is systemic and systematic alone and to enact racism one needs to have power and authority over society, culture, policies, etc, which, for the most part, minorities lack.

They will never admit that their silencing of white voices, demonizing of white people, disparaging white-owned companies and their creation of second-class thought tanks for the white members of their cultic communities are racist because to them racism is “out there” over “large structures” that work to disenfranchise Blacks and other minorities alone.

Three distinct social and personal aspects prevent certain white people from “seeing” racism and accepting that racism still lingers within the fabric of our society and these are, hyper-individualism, relationalism, and anti-structuralism.

Namely, white people fail to see that the racism found in the policing strategies of a police chief in New York City is no different from the racism found in the policies of another police chief, say, in Los Angeles. They cannot see that the very same form of race hate found in Idaho is also present in Florida. From judges to lawyers to doctors to landlords to ministers and policemen and fighter fighters and real estate agents and insurance brokers. All have a hand, a systemic and systematic hand in disenfranchising people of color. They fail to see the matrix of racial inequality because they swim and have swum in it their entire lives. What prevents them from visualizing this is the modern western trifecta which starts with hyperfunctioning individualism, meaning, that whatever happens to you is always a direct result of your decisions.

Within this framework, the potato farmer who has no potatoes to feed his family is hungry and poor not because of environmental crises, national mismanagement of agricultural funds, greed on the part of lending firms, and other multi-national disadvantageous decisions made above him and his family, but, that he is hungry as a result of him not planting enough potatoes. Never, within this individualistic framework, will the blame for wrong(s) be disseminated to a broader system of wrongdoing. It’s always a person’s fault. Therefore, racism is limited to you and your neighbor. It will never rise above that ceiling.

Next is relationalism, namely, white people believe that if a senile white lady in the grocery store called the Black clerk a racially charged term, then, of course, the Black clerk must’ve done something to deserve or welcome such ire. Racism isn’t systemic or broad, it’s only a relational issue. Resolve the interrelation issue in the grocery store and racism is gone. Problem solved.

Lastly, anti-structuralism. By this, white people who suffer from racial myopia, tend to be hostile to the possibility that there are structures at play that give them an advantage in life. Therefore, they become anti-structural.

Imagine a soccer game where the referee is paid to defer toward the “white team” and penalize the “black team.” Questionable goals made by the white team are upheld whereas legal goals made by the black team are called back as illegally acquired points. Once the second half starts, the referee is asked to stop favoring one team over the other, the bribery is then considered illegal, and the teams are now set off to continue the game. The only problem is that the scores have not been equalized for the second half of the game. The white team is still up by several points, the black team still has zero, and the referee’s nefarious tactics are outlawed but the game goes on without an adjustment or correction of scores. The white team eventually wins what they consider a fair game and refuse to admit their advantage in the second half of the game, saying the black team just failed to play as hard as they should have to win the game.

Anti-structuralists will always dismiss structural problems because for them to admit the existence of these structures they would then have to admit the structural problems they either benefit from or structures they use to exploit others. Therefore to admit the reality of structural racism is nearly inconceivable a feat for these types.

That is the problem within the white community that refuses to confront systemic racism.

The BIPOC community, however, understands systemic racism and its broader effects on minority communities, but it struggles, in some parts, to accept the reality of interpersonal racism, namely that which we have seen in these hyper-progressive circles against white people.

I wouldn’t argue that this myopic understanding of interpersonal racism in the Black community is something inherent within it but more so a coping mechanism used to deal with the lapse of racial justice in the world today. This means I don’t believe Black people and minorities who refuse to accept the reality of interpersonal racism are failing to see it as a result of systemic, multi-generational ills but as a way to deal with the reality of wanting to equalize the playing field and scores expeditiously, through unethical means, without dealing with the guilt associated with their prejudice and discriminatory tactics.

Anti-white racism is real and it must stop.

This is not to say that we must stop fighting white supremacy. White supremacy or Whiteness, the racialized concept of white superiority for no other reason than being “white” to them, means “better” or “pure” must be destroyed once and for all.

Same Devil. Different Foot.

I cannot emphasize this enough: if you promote racial equity while disparaging white people you are no different from white slave drivers, Klansmen, or white race rioters of old. You are simply revisiting the racism of old on an unassuming and innocent body politic whilst denying the fact that you are racist. you are promoting, with or without knowing, the dehumanization of the white members of your community.

Stop it.

Racism is evil. It is hellish. It is wrong. It hides under covert tactics, it mocks with overt tactics, it creates nefarious policies, it denounces the equality between us, and it robs everyone, victims and perpetrators, of their peace, humanity, and life.

One is not alive when they are consumed by hate.

Therefore, if you are within a group or community that is fairly aware, fairly woke, and seeking to lead our society out of a racist past and present, while promoting, in policy or act, the disenfranchisement, harassment, and humiliation of white people, please, for the sake of your wellbeing and the wellbeing of society proper, stop it and exit stage left.

These communities thrive on bitterness and you will not survive there. Even minorities within those environments are unsafe. Eventually, that hate for white people is turned toward hate for black people or other minority representatives who fail to exude the same level of hatred toward white skin.

If your right of passage and ticket to the echelon of racial elites is the hate of someone then you must reconsider your membership in that party.

Word of Caution

Black Radicals

You are working against the cause. Being historically informed, socially conscious, and a rising voice in an age of reversal of powers makes you much more responsible for your methods and tactics. Silencing white people just because they’re white is the most backward method of advancing this cause you could ever have come up with.

King would have denounced your hatred, however hidden it may seem to you, it is evident to us. X would have denounced your isolationism and fundamentalism in his later days.

Our ancestors would have died for the luxury of having your platform to share their humanity, their love, and their altruistic nature contrasted with that of their devilish white neighbors just to remind the world that Black people and minorities are human beings worthy of the same liberal ideals as their white counterparts. That Black people are not hostile, brainless, hate-filled, and uncontrolled beasts who would bite their masters once

turned loose.

Do not become what they thought you would. Be that which you were meant to be: human.

But here you are behaving like animals. Like the white terrorists of yesteryear, albeit, to a lesser degree. Without torches, hoods, and policy-making power, you still dismiss, demonize, mock, deride, laugh, and silence those who are innocent of any wrongdoing because you are hurt and your hurt forces you to not only fear but also hate the people you are meant to live and work with.

Your hate will consume you.

We will not advance toward a racially equitable society in part because of white racists in power and of minority radicals who, like yourselves, love to “other” and ostracize white people willing to be part of the solution.

Thankfully, it is not too late to turn the tides, the ship yet floats, and the holes in the hull are sealable. Hate is not learned overnight and it is not done away with overnight either, therefore, start loving your white neighbors today.

White Liberals

Please, for the love of God, stop trying to burn everything down. Iconoclasm leads to the destruction of the very structures we stand on today. With that said, please, when it comes to fighting racism do not join arms with entities or people who hate you. Yes, they hate you and want you to live within the outer ring of their coterie of social capital and power. Your only saving grace is gnostic progression, meaning, you will only fall into their better graces by learning more, acquiring more information, joining more and more inner rings of acceptance, and never truly attaining freedom from a racist caste system because there is no attainable release of guilt from white sins. In truth, in this system, you are never free and once you fail or falter, even once, you will be the victim of their auto de fe. You are the easiest scapegoat in their world. Not the Klansman hiding as a police officer, but you, because you hold all of that information, be it entry-level information or inner circle private and deep information, and you have betrayed the ways of the devil, namely, the leaders of a racist minority society.

Leave and do better elsewhere.

White Conservatives

Systemic racism is real and just because we don’t see men like Martin Luther King Jr. getting shot or Black women like Rosa Parks getting arrested for not giving her seat up on a segregated bus, does not mean that racism, in its most lasting and nefarious state, systemic racism, is gone.

Invest in multi-racial relationships. Sit and interact, converse, not to indoctrinate on things you know little about but sit together with people and listen to their experiences. Follow the trail of tears to realize that it’s not just one isolated story but the story of minorities as a whole in the west. Things have progressed but racism has yet to be challenged and excised from our society. You can be a part of that process. The future demands your participation in the expulsion of racism. You are not devoid of responsibility nor should you find refuge in ignorance.

With that in mind, do not believe that everyone calling for racial equity is a hate-filled anti-whites racist. The grievances are real, the history is real and horrible, and the equalization of society is still in its nascent stages. And the fight for racial equity faces a lot of hostility from white people who are closeted racists.

Confront your racist friends and family members. Do not allow the relationship between you and them to become an impediment to progress.


Hate pineapple on pizza and love your white brothers and sisters; even the ones who fail to love you back.

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