Here’s How I Made $0.80 Writing for Medium

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There’s a lot of talk about which platform is best for bloggers, writers, authors, and neo-nazis who just want to make some extra cash on the side with the invaluable content, sorry, with the literary artwork they produce for the world to read.

Medium has been plagued with innumerable posts about How To Make Six Figures With One Post or How I Sold My House To Get 10 New Followers On Medium and other like-sounding articles.

And listen, I’m all for the money-making business. I’m making nickel and dimes off of my writing every month. I don’t know about you but that’s a lot better than the alternative. Just ask my WordPress blog site, My viewing stats there are great but the payout is abysmal in comparison.

Any way. What I’m here to share with you is how I made a whopping $0.80 (USD!!!) from writing for Medium. (Convert the currency from USD to the Queen’s money and I’m pulling in $1.26 CAD. No shame to the grind game.)

I’ve been publishing on Medium since March but I hadn’t made a dime until September. And listen, it’s not about how much effort you put into your writing. I mean, consider my prose, or lack thereof, and look at how far I’ve come.

If you’re looking to spend endless hours of your free or professional time in front of a computer, consuming information, researching, and studying just to write an article that’ll take up days to edit, just to make, what, a couple of dimes? If that’s the case you might be in the wrong line of business.

If you’re looking to make big bucks you either have to sell your soul to the devil at the top of Penguin publishing house or whatever it’s called, OR you can just write up articles about how many followers you have and how much money you make from fluff posts, like this one.

So here’s my trick:

In August-September, I made $0.20 total by publishing five articles that I spent probably the better part of two weeks writing and editing. At least.

“Here Is Why We Left Mill Creek Christian Assembly”

“Whole Bodies. Halved Souls.”

“The Alien and the Earth”

“Deep Roots”

“Why God’s Justice is Good News”

I managed to rack up seven views and three reads total. I might open my own publishing firm with those numbers.

In October, having become a wealthier man through my writing, I managed to earn $0.42. I don’t know about you but I feel like caviar is in my future. Not as an edible substance but as something I can purchase and throw down the drain, out of principle.

I wrote eight articles and had fifty-four total views and twelve reads. The articles?

“Traits of Abusive Leaders”

“Reparations Revisited: The Case of Japanese Americans vs African Americans”

“Olivet Theory’s Bad Advice Series: Chapter 4 — How To Argue With Your Wife”

“Seven Years of Marriage! Here’s What I’ve Learned So Far”

“Hymn 42 and Eternity Waiting”

“Intrinsic Value”

“Richard Poplar: A Black Confederate ‘Soldier’ & Other Lies”

“Reflect the Times”

Let’s not discuss how many hell’s I had to endure writing that stuff. No one cares about how much effort you put into your writing, it’s all about how many people will read it afterward to earn you an extra dollar or two.

And in November I earned an unchallenged $0.16. Unchallenged because no one knew the amount of wealth I managed to accumulate over a span of four months.

All I want to say with this is that you should keep writing and publishing on Medium. Don’t stop. I know I won’t. I depend on the money I earn from my writings published on Medium. It supplements my full-time job income. It’s a truly lucrative deal.

I’ve made my $0.80 and I believe you can and will too.

I’m excited for my first $1.00 and I believe I’m close to accomplishing that much.

Believe in yourself, because your Medium followers may not, but always write about how you can exploit them with fluff pieces to earn money from them, because, you need them to make money for things they could and should probably go without reading.

This piece included.

Anywho, go on about your business creating more content… err… creative writing pieces for this wonderful platform that has become quite effective in draining the artistic nature out of writing and infusing it with a meritorious drive for money over pleasure derived from writing alone.

Be blessed and stay tuned for my next fluff piece: How I Got 10 Followers In Less Than A Year and its sister post, How I Manage My Ghost Followers’ Accounts To Make More Money by Writing About How I Manage Those Accounts.

I’m excited to see how I might be able to grift through Substack next!



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